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" Resonate, rediscover, refresh, replenish, and relax
in response to all of the
beautiful sounds."

Living Adventures Through Sound and Vibration

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"The sound healing experience was more powerful for me than surgery and certainly more gentle. I guess you could say it was spiritual surgery! I loved the fine-tuning with the tuning forks. Slowly the walls around me were breaking down, limitations seemed less looming, and painful flaws seemed to be removed. Resonate, rediscover, refresh, replenish, and relax in response to all the beautiful sounds. I regained something pure, child-like, something hidden. There were some great visuals with the sounds like tigers and dolphins. I loved feeling these great vibrations!! Thanks again!!"
- Erika Syroid, Musician

"What did you do for me?? I had a wonderful, calm, peaceful trip. It is as if I brought the peace and tranquility of Maui with me. I feel connected to that something that I'm always hoping to "reel " myself in with. This is the first time where I have felt all of me being in one place, if you know what I mean. I will definitely do the meditation soon so as to keep this connection. Many thanks to you, and INFINITE BLESSINGS "
- Judy Walker, Massage Therapist, Social Worker

"Thank you for sharing your gifts. The energy you create in the space you enter is both healing and enlightening. I thank you for that. Tonight was a really wonderful experience. Please keep me posted on your upcoming events."
- Kitty Barshay, Drum/Sound Circle Participant

"What an absolutely splendiferous circle on Tuesday!!!!. Really there are no adjectives for the drum circle you led for our group! I heard nothing but rave reviews from all. Thank You Thank You Thank You for sharing your talent and spirit with us! You can bet I will be showing up at some of your other circles. It was just too much fun! Thanks again for this great drum experience. What a wonderfully natural high!!
- Linda Heisen, Event Coordinator, Jewish Family Services

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