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Christo Pellani introduces

a series of evolutionary,

interactive courses for

balancing and clearing the

subtle energy field, and

refining and energizing

the physical body









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Living Adventures through Sound
and Vibration

Christo Pellani introduces a series of evolutionary, interactive courses for balancing and clearing the subtle energy field, and refining and energizing the physical body. He is offering personal growth and energy healing experiences with a variety of healing sounds, techniques and tones, using only acoustic instruments and the voice.

These workshops use the vibrational powers of sound, color and movement to support healing and balance in the subtle and physical bodies. Understanding this synergistic nature of vibration may open one's mind to higher possibilities and states of harmony, ultimately resulting in a system for self-healing.


I. Movement Forms and "Chi"
Chi movement is a powerful, fast and easy technique for self- healing. Through specific exercises, we integrate Chi, the life-force energy, helping to restore balance of the physical and etheric bodies, the inner self, nature and the cosmos. With this master tool for evolution and self- healing, we are completely active and do not need another to act as our healer. We are offering a variety of powerful movement forms for overall wellness, strength, and balance.

II. I Am the Drum
Rhythm is the probably oldest and most direct form of communication. Drums are a part of every type of cultural musical heritage, with a wide variety of rhythmic systems and instruments. As a healing modality, the drum serves as a vehicle for personal expression, stress reduction, balanced coordination, physical strength, and endurance, and creating a sense of connection to others. Traditional Rhythms from various cultures are explored as well as fundamental principles of rhythm based healing techniques.

III. Breathing and Meditation Techniques
Breathing in its simplicity is the fundamental essence of our being, necessary for life and creativity. Conscious awareness of breathing has deep importance to our understanding of the energetic aspects of our multi-leveled human nature. In Sanskrit terms, "Prana" is the flow of life force energy through the breath. Conscious breathing techniques provide a vital link which connect and purify our physical body, mind, and emotions.

IV. Creating an Interactive Rhythm Resonance Circle
Gathering people together for sharing a fun rhythmic musical experience can be powerful. Something uplifting happens when we come together to create a sense of community expression through drumming and rhythm, and sound. We create a special type of magic when we communicate through a rhythm language, compelling us to tune into each other in a new exciting manner. This collaboration re-powers us to unify our individual talents. We are committed to recreating this spirit of musical connection.

This is an excellent class to complement a classroom program, team building, and stress reduction.

Special Note to Health Care Professionals
Currently, continuing education contact hours and credit are granted for Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and Registered Nurses, in California, for participation in the Sound Healing Workshop Series.

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