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Christo Pellani introduces a
series of evolutionary,
interactive courses
for balancing and clearing
the subtle energy field, and
refining and energizing
the physical body





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Please send an email to:
or call: (310) 452-7799


Please print this form, provide all requested information or necessary payments, and mail to the address listed below.

If you have any questions, you may contact Christo Pellani directly via email: christo@magicofhealing.com or by phone: 310.578.5174, or 310.452.7799.

YES! I want to enroll in the Living Adventures through Sound and Vibration Workshop Series.

Please enroll me in the following individual modules:

I. Movement Forms and "Chi"
II. I Am the Drum: Part 1
II. I Am the Drum: Part 2
III. Breathing and Meditation Techniques
IV. Interactive Rhythm Healing Circle

Please keep me on your mailing list for future courses.



City, State, Zip:

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My non-refundable deposit of $20/workshop is enclosed.
(Balance is due 72 hours before the workshop begins.)

My entire fee of ___________ is enclosed.
(Amount due for each workshop checked)

Discounts: Ten percent discount for early registration if received six weeks prior to course date. Discounts available for senior citizens and full-time students.

Refunds: Cancellations received up to 72 hours before the workshop starts are refundable, minus a $20/per workshop
non-refundable administrative fee.

Method of Payment

Money Order 

Account Number: 

Expiration Date: 


Mail your completed form with payment to:

Christo Pellani
12456 Sanford St
Los Angeles, CA 90066
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