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"There is a Secret Way of the

Soul which all may know. I will

listen for thy voice. "

- Ernest Holmes







Wisdom Seminars: Practicing the Art of Living

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Rev. Dr. Sage Bennet is an ordained minister and founder of Radiant Paths to Wisdom. She offers seminars, retreats, counseling, and coaching to those exploring the deeper mysteries on their spiritual journeys.

Dr. Bennet's work reflects the ways ancient wisdom can be translated into contemporary practice. She is here to assist others in connecting to their essential selves.

Sage Bennet is a published author of articles and inspirational material in magazines and professional journals. She is
the creator of the audio-cassette series Attitudes of Power: Living Today By the Wisdom of the Ages, and the CDs Wisdom Meditations and Intuition Practices.

Dr. Bennet lives with her partner and dog, Beau, in Marina del Rey, CA, where she also conducts private sessions, in person and by phone.



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