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"Bring a hundred sacks of

and God will say,

“Bring the heart."

- Rumi














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Wisdom Walk: Spiritual Practices
to Nourish Your Soul

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Wisdom Seminars: Practicing the Art of Living  


I. Developing Intuition: Accessing Your Inner Wisdom
This seminar explores the theme of intuition and provides participants with practical ways to use this most valuable faculty in their personal and professional lives. Themes include: how to trust your intuition; how intuition is different from wishful thinking and the will of the ego; distinguishing intuition from fear, intuition and spiritual practice; practical ways to utilize intuition in professional settings; and assisting others with developing and trusting their intuition.

II. Living In Balance
In this seminar participants gain skills in creating balance in their lives. By identifying areas of imbalance and attuning to their heart's desire for fulfilling lifestyles, participants gain support from others on the same journey. Topics include: having enough time for the things we love, the pace of our current and ideal lives, the benefits of balance, current states of imbalance in our lives and the culture in which we live, the relationship between balance and health, and the concept of “less is more.” Special feature-professional application: assisting others in creating balance in their lives.

III. Living Your Dream Now
As the acorn is encoded to be an oak tree, so do each of us have an inner divine pattern that is poised to show forth in our lives. In this emergence we begin to live our dream. Whether it is an idea for community service, a book we've always wanted to write or a song we've always wanted to sing, once we discover our passion and talents we can begin to live our dream. This seminar provides a nurturing, supportive context in which participants discover their dream, learn skills, take steps and join with others to manifest their heart's desire.

IV. Your Soul Is Speaking to You: Interpret Your Dreams
Learning to interpret dreams is one of the sacred arts. In this class we practice the art deciphering the meaning of our dreams using the group collective to support and inspire us in this process. Topics include: ways to remember dreams, lucid dreaming, symbols, numbers, repetitive dreams, nightmares, mythology, and active imagination.

V. Wisdom Walk Through Spiritual Traditions
This seminar is an overview of the world's great spiritual traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, New Thought, Native American Spirituality and Taoism. Learners are encouraged to learn about the traditions and incorporate the wisdom practices into their daily lives - creating an altar, meditation, prayer, making time for the Sabbath, forgiveness, visioning, and others.

VI. Awakening the Aphrodite Within
This seminar helps participants awaken their inner goddess of love and beauty. The focus of this seminar is to practice the art of enjoyment from the little and large pleasures of life to the enchantment of sensuality, sexuality, and relationships. Topics include: tuning into aliveness, passion, taking time for pleasure, integrating feminine and masculine qualities, enjoyment, and fulfillment as a practically indulgent approach to life and relationships.

VII. Women's Wisdom Circles
These circles provide a space for women to come together in a context of spirituality, to share their experiences, and support each other in their connecting to Spirit, oneself, and others. Themes include: the divine feminine, goddess archetypes, gatherings around the equinoxes and solstices, herstory.

Special Note: Sage Bennet's new book, Wisdom Walk: Nine Practices for Creating Peace and
Balance from the World's Spiritual Traditions
can be ordered through newworldlibrary.com or amazon.com.

Special Note to Health Care Professionals
Continuing education contact hours and credit are granted for Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and Registered Nurses, in California, for participation in The Art of Living Workshop Series.

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