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"If you pay attention, your

emerging imagery will

reveal information about

the movement and meaning

in your life."






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Art Therapy refers to the therapeutic use of art making, within a professional relationship, by people who experience physical or emotional illness, trauma, or challenges to living, and by people who seek personal development, and expanded self understanding.

Through creating art, and reflecting on the art products and processes, individuals may potentially increase their awareness of self and others, resolve emotional issues in a safe way, and enhance their creativity and cognitive abilities. They can find new ways to cope with symptoms, stress, and traumatic experiences, as well as to enjoy the life-affirming pleasures of making art.

Art therapists are professionals trained in both art and psychotherapy. They are knowledgeable about human development, psychological theories, clinical practice, spiritual, multicultural, and artistic traditions, and the healing potential of art. They use art in primary treatment, and in assessment and research. They also provide consultations to allied health professionals. Art therapists work with people of all ages: individuals, couples, families, groups, and communities.
Somatically Oriented Art Therapy (S.O.A.T.) The creative process of art expression comes together with accessing the inherent wisdom of our bodies’ messages in this blended modality with Ms. Lubber’s guidance, allowing for a further deepening of the healing process.

Somatically Oriented Art Therapy
Ms. Lubbers' somatic training includes training in somatic experiencing, focusing oriented therapy, hellerwork, and yoga. In developing somatically oriented art therapy as a blended modality she brings together the body's innate ability to heal with clinical art therapy This provides powerful synergy and avenue for healing. Art Therapy can be effectively blended with most, if not all, somatic therapies, to increase their effectiveness.

Somatically Oriented Art Therapy is a powerful therapeutic modality, and is recommended for anyone who wishes to tap into their creativity, release emotional and/or physiological traumas, or deepen their self-understanding.

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