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Art and Soul Workshop

Art and Soul Workshop

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Every person has the ability to
project their inner imagery into
graphic, visual form, regardless
of their talent or skill.

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"What a day! I feel energized, enlightened, and creative! Great facilitation, information, and mix of participants! I loved the experiential work, the sound and the play. Great space and even close to the ocean! There was a nice pace to the day- I didn't want to leave..."
- Linda Okimoto, ATR, MFT; Redondo Beach, CA

"The art expression and music were powerful instruments for bringing forth creative expression. Of the greatest value for me was the opportunity to open up before a group and share material that I mostly keep to myself. The result was a sense of catharsis and accomplishment that led in turn to a feeling of healing."
- Barbara Wyman, ATR, MFT; Venice, CA

"Darcy's role seemed to be more of a 'guide' than one who 'gave directions'. Her style was very explorative and open to whatever presented itself- which led to a very open and sharing environment." - Kate Mockett, ATR; Playa del Rey, CA

"I really enjoyed this workshop, and found the day thought-provoking and valuable. The visualizations and art expression helped me the most with exploring how I am personally integrating the spiritual, physical, and emotional within myself."
- Marge Lewi-Rucker, ATR, MFT; Malibu, CA

"The greatest value for me in participating in this workshop was the freedom to allow myself to express my feelings without fear of judgment. Thank-you, Darcy, for another invaluable experience!"
- Teresa Kawasjee, RN; Playa del Rey, CA

"The opportunity for contemplation of the parts of me, my relationship to community and to the world was of great value to me in this workshop. I really felt this connection as a result of participating in these processes."
- Emily Stuhlbarg, ATR; Palos Verdes, CA

"I found that I was really excited to dive into the art process. Both Bodymapping Inventories were very helpful to my own process, and then moving from them into the Bodymapping experience was very powerful. You are awesome, Darcy! Thank-you for all of your wisdom!"
- Leah Chasen, ATR, MFT; Santa Monica, CA

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