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"This ayurvedic knowledge should be available for everyone. I feel as if I was given a second chance to purify my body and mind, and reconnect within myself to the source of all healing."
- Zorina Bahadoorsingh, Vancouver, B.C.

"Inherent in my healing process from cancer was the powerful insight that the roots of the disease process, as well as the healing process, are not just physical, but emotional and spiritual as well."
- Allison Sgroi, Monrovia, CA

"The most important aspects for me in participating in the Creating Health Retreat were the interaction of such a special group of people, and the opportunity to be part of each otherís lives in this experience together, and also in learning how to go within, and to be with myself as well.

I feel rejuvenated and empowered in my continued search for health and harmony."
- Norma Pear, RN, Bakersfield, CA

"The greatest value for me in taking the Creating Health Workshop was gaining more insight into my own healthcare, and into my future profession."
- Barbara Hammond, MFT Graduate Student, La Jolla, CA

"Darcy is a loving and wonderful person.  I would recommend this workshop to friends, and will- I loved it all. With Darcy every new aspect was enlightening and informative.  I am so happy to have been a part of this weekend!"
- Billy Browne, Santa Monica, CA

"I truly enjoyed and benefited from taking the Creating Health Workshop! The knowledge and experience will definitely enhance my life. I think Darcy is a wonderful teacher with a beautiful spirit.
Thank you!"
- Patti Simmons, Marina del Rey, CA

"The Creating Health Workshop has provided reinforcement for what I already believe, and motivation to further refine my lifestyle toward greater balance."
- Martha Fehte, MFT, Woodland Hills, CA

"Of great value for me in the Creating Health Workshop, was having the opportunity to hear Darcy teach these great principles, and to bring all of this information into my life."
- Victor Lawrence, Studio City, CA

"As a result of participating in this workshop, I have made a decision to nurture myself more, by making specific changes in my daily practices."
- Joseph Faust, Life Coach, Santa Monica, CA

"It was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend! The interaction with other people and looking into my own body and feelings was so helpful!"
- Nancy Holt, Inglewood, CA

"Learning to relax and to get more in touch with myself were very important aspects of the Creating Health Retreat."
- Freda Hager, Los Angeles, CA

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