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"Understanding how the

basic elements of nature

are expressed in our

individual constitution

enables us to make

better choices to maximize

balance and well being."



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The Creating Health Workshop is Designed to Help You:
  • Access your inner resources for learning, growing, and healing.
  • Restore vitality and balance for greater personal potential.
  • Awaken your body's innate healing mechanisms to overcome stress and illness.
  • Discover the unlimited potential of the mind in the healing process.
  • Learn how the mind and body are one.
  • Bring greater clarity to everything you do.

The Lessons

Lesson One

    Explore the possibilities that lie beyond current beliefs about health and well being. Develop an understanding of your unique mind/body type. Learn meditation, one of the most powerful, widely proven techniques for reducing stress and fatigue, and increasing mental clarity.
Lesson Two
    Honor your body's internal signals and identify which foods create optimal energy and nourishment. Learn basic principles for preparing and eating meals in order to restore balance, improve digestion, and transform unwanted habits.
Lesson Three
    Understand how the cycles of nature influence your physical and emotional well being. Learn to harmonize your biological rhythms through adopting a regular, daily routine. Perform a daily self-massage to release healing chemicals into your physiology.
Lesson Four
    Our senses are the gateways through which we experience the world. Explore ways to enliven your senses by identifying which sounds, tastes, aromas, visual and kinesthetic experiences can balance and heal your physiology.
Lesson Five
    Use your heart as well as your mind to make insightful choices and evolutionary life decisions. Sharpen your intuition and inner wisdom. Experience an emotional cleansing process to release accumulated stresses. Examine the physical, emotional, and spiritual layers that make up human experience.
Special Note to Health Care Professionals

Currently, continuing education contact hours and credit are granted for Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and Registered Nurses, in California, for participation in the Creating Health Workshop.

Special Note to Course Participants

The use of balancing oils, music, colors, herbs, and spices are presented in this workshop. For those that would like to access these contemporary, Ayurvedically formulated products, also including candles. books, and more, please visit Chopra.com to browse through the Chopra Center Store.    

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