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Learn how to trace

mental, emotional or

physical problems to

their energetic root.





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Creating Wellness Through Energy Clearing

Come and learn universal principles and powerful, fun and easy techniques to clear energy that causes stress. Learn techniques that help to restore the mind, body and spirit to vibrant health.

Through guided meditation and imagery, conscious breathing, interactive exercises and lecture/ discussion you will learn to:
  • Discover how emotions, thoughts and energy we encounter daily affect us.
  • Trace mental, emotional or physical problems to their energetic root.
  • Set boundaries and clear other people's energy.
  • Identify and release stuck emotions, unhealthy thought patterns and pain.
  • Talk to the body and hear its inner wisdom.
  • Restore well-being, joy and enthusiasm by becoming more present.

Course Facilitator
Ann O'Brien is psychic, healer, teacher and speaker dedicated to helping you develop your awareness, become more present in your body, find inner peace, and realize your power to create the life of your dreams.

Ann began meditation and spiritual study over 15 years ago in attempt to understand the intuitive abilities she realized as a child. Her early studies included creative visualization, tarot, western and Vedic astrology, eastern religions, and Aikido, which she practiced under Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei and taught to children at Boulder Aikikai.

Ann discovered yoga in 1994 at Mount Madonna Center with Baba Hari Das, where she practiced meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), asana (postures) and ayurveda. She has continued her practice with Max Strom and many others in Los Angeles, and has completed Yoga Works teacher training with Annie Carpenter.

Since 1997 Ann has honed her skills as a spiritual teacher, working with clients and students nationwide. She is a graduate of Psychic Horizons Center’s clairvoyant program, has trained with John Fulton of Aesclepion Healing Center. She also completed seven years of study and apprenticeship with Michael Tamura, former director of the Berkeley Psychic Institute.

Ann has a great love of the creative and performing arts, giving her a deep understanding of her many creative clients. She studied poetry in the MFA writing program at Naropa University, and spent 3 years touring the U.S. as a singer/songwriter. Ann has also studied and performed improvisational theater, African singing, and modern and African dance.

Ann has published articles in Vision and Natural Awakenings magazines and is writing on a book on practical intuition. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband.

Special Note to Health Care Professionals
Health professionals who participate in this workshop will leave with tools to help clients to reduce stress, lower heart rate, boost immune functioning, manage pain, relieve depression and anxiety, and to promote a greater overall sense of well being.

Continuing Education Credit information for health professionals for attending this workshop.


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