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If you pay attention, your

emerging imagery will

reveal information about

the movement and meaning

in your life.



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Guided Imagery, as practiced by Darcy Lubbers, ATR, MFT, in her private practice and her workshops, is a powerful modality which utilizes imagery, the natural language of the unconscious mind, to help individuals to connect with the deeper resources available to them at affective, cognitive and somatic levels. It can be utilized for healing with a broad spectrum of psychological and medical issues.

As a guide, her role in this interactive process is to facilitate an enhanced awareness of the unconscious imagery the individual already has, rather than to provide "better" images. She helps them to effectively work with the wisdom and guidance this imagery provides, on their own behalf.

This process is capable of facilitating profound psychological, physiological, and spiritual transformation. It allows for a shift in perception, and empowers the individual to access their own immense inner healing potential.

In her practice, Darcy Lubbers uses Guided Imagery, Art Therapy and Dream Imagery interpretation, each on their own, and also in conjunction with each other. Each of these modalities potentially helps us to access innately healing states of awareness, and facilitates communication with our inner wisdom. It provides answers to our important life questions, through the access point of our own inner imagery.

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