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"Once in a while, we should

get together to meditate

and recharge ourselves,

and then we will be full

of light and love.

When we go home, we

can benefit the society,

the country, and our

relatives and friends."

- Master Ching Hai


Holiday Gathering
December 14, 2008 (Pot Luck)

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Interested in a Community Meditation Group?

Research has shown that when meditators come together as a group, the positive effects of each person's meditation are often deepened, as well as having a beneficial effect on the community surrounding them.

With that in mind, and to provide the opportunity for kindred spirits to connect with each other through the experience of meditation, a monthly community meditation group is available for the participants of the Primordial Sound Meditation classes, the Creating Health workshops, and the Art and Soul workshops. Other members of the community who have a sitting meditation practice are also welcome to attend.

The group meets in Santa Monica on the second Sunday evening of each month. It has been ongoing for the past ten years, and participants are welcome to participate each month, or to "drop in" as schedules allow. It is a community practice group, rather than a teaching group, and participants are also welcome to bring their unique gifts and talents to share with the group.

Gentle yoga stretches, along with some pranayamas (breathing exercises to quiet the body and mind) usually precede the 30 minutes of silent meditation. On occasion we have the added blessing of a sound meditation with Tibetan bowls or other instruments. And after meditation, there is a brief time for tea and fruit, and sharing of experiences.

This group is funded on a donation basis, with a suggested donation of $10-$12. If you are interested in participating in this group, learning more about it, or receiving a monthly email reminder about the upcoming group meeting dates, please call 310.452.7799, or send an email to Darcy@MagicofHealing.com.


Additional Reading
Are you interested in augmenting your meditation practice with further knowledge? Please visit Chopra.com to browse through the Chopra Center Store. (We recommend Deepak Chopra's recent releases, including The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, and Peace is the Way.)

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