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Facilitator: Saul David Raye

Saul's unique and powerful style of teaching is deeply intuitive and grounded in many years of study and practice. He is able to weave together all the different aspects of Yoga and healing in a way that is clear, powerful and accessible. Saul is considered by his students as a master guide, helping people to connect more deeply with their own authentic power and spirit. He holds a sacred space in which healing and transformation arise naturally.

The Holistic Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training Program is a transformational journey into the art, science, power and spirit of Yoga. This program is for teachers, aspiring teachers and serious students wishing to deepen their understanding and experience of Yoga on all levels. Course focus is on practicing and teaching holistic Yoga in the Ritam Yoga vinyasa style, as a sacred practice of embodiment, healing and transformation.

Ritam Yoga is a holistic healing style of Yoga that draws on the teachings of Yoga, Bhakti, Ayurveda, Tantra, Jyotish and all forms of Universal love and wisdom. It is an empowering, non-competitive practice that honors the deep roots and traditions of Yoga, while allowing for individual expression and conscious evolution. Practice integrates postures, breath work, meditation, chanting and other yogic techniques into a vinyasa style with an emphasis on connecting with one's own intuitive intelligence, creativity and spirit.

Participants will be taught the fundamentals of teaching Ha-Tha Yoga in the vinyasa style, while gathering a deeper understanding and knowledge of Yoga's full scope and depth. Beyond the physical aspects of practice, this course will give key information and principles to impact all areas of life in a positive way. The nature of this course will be empowering and life affirming, helping all participants to take the quantum leap in their Yoga practice and life journey.

Module 3+4, Anatomy and Fire: 100 hours

Module 3
Anatomy: Ecstatic Embodiment

This Holistic anatomy training will delve deeply into the sacred science of being, an exploration into the fullness of the human experience. Following the Yogic map of the 5 koshas (dimensions of being) we will explore each level of being and use interactive exercises and techniques to awaken the flow of life energy in each level and how they interconnect. This workshop is invaluable for Yogis, massage therapists, healers and any sincere students of life wishing to gain a deeper knowledge of being.

Course will cover the following topics:
•Ecstatic Embodiment - detailed Holistic vision of Being and life
•Yoga’s Holistic Process for Healing, Peace and Awakening
•Integrated Physical, Energetic and Emotional Anatomy
•Detailing of major bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves
•Detailing the Energetic Body – Marma, Nadi Chakra
•108 Marma’s – Yogic science of energy points
•14 main Nadis of Yoga – mapping of the lines of prana
•Prana Vayus – Mapping the flow of life energy
•Emotional Anatomy
•The 5 Koshas - The Five dimensions of being – and how to access them.
•Key Muscles in Major Postures
•Terminology of movement for Yogis
•Optimal stretching of muscles, ligaments and tendons
•The flow of life conception – to transformation
•Healing Sounds for specific charkas, emotions and organs
•Tree of life – Understanding the spine on all levels of being
•Healing Hands on Adjustments
•Interactive exercises to awaken and connect all levels of being
•Understanding & Healing Common Injuries & Misalignments

Module 4
Fire: Transformation

Since the dawn of time, mystics, poets and spiritual traditions have spoken of light as the essence of life and the source of all energy, being and illumination. A cosmic fire that radiates through all of existence; from the center of the cosmic sun that sustains our solar system, to the molten core of mother earth, to the inner light that shines in each being. In the Yogic process, Fire is the transforming element between matter and spirit and the key to true and lasting transformation. In humans, fire manifests primarily as the digestive fire (fire in the belly!) which keeps the physical body alive, healthy and radiant; the mental fire, which is the light of our intelligence, perception and discrimination; and the spiritual fire, which is the essence of our being and expresses through all other levels. The awakening of this inner fire is at the heart of vibrant health, a radiant mind and spiritual experience.

Course Focus: This module of the Teacher Training and In-Depth Study program will take the student deeper into Yoga as a practice of alchemy and transformation. More advanced practices will be taught and the student will gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of the whole yogic darshan (vision), healing and spiritual awakening.
There will be an emphasis on meditation, pranayama & Ayurveda, as well as practical tools to support living an awakened & inspired life and supporting others in this process.

He has no disease, nor old age, nor death, who has attained a body born of the fire of Yoga – Shvetasvatara Upanishad

This course will include the following:
•Science of the Soul - Yoga Holistic Model for Healing, Peace and Conscious Evolution
•Agni Yoga – Tending the Sacred Fire in the belly, mind and heart & keeping it lit!
•Cultivating Prana, Tejas and Ojas – secrets of a radiant body, mind and soul
•The 5 elements and their role in Yoga, life and healing
•Homa – A Vedic Fire Ritual for personal and planetary healing with Sri Shiva
•Ayurveda – Yogic Fire Medicine
•Intermediate / Advanced Asanas & Pranayamas
•The 5 Dimensions of Being (Kosha’s) and 7 Agni’s (Fire)
•The Fire of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation
•Daily Healing Rituals through Yoga, Ayurveda & Tantra
•Spiritual Fire and Food
•Bhakti / Tantra : Awakening the fire of the heart, life as love in action
•Healing Mantras, Chants and Prayers to awaken THE INNER {healing} light •Ritam Vinyasas - Holistic Healing Yoga sequences for being in tune with the flow of life

Continuing Education for Health Professionals
Continuing education contact hours and credit are granted for Marriage and Family Therapists and Licensed Clinical Social Workers for a portion of the Holistic Yoga Teacher Training and In-Depth Study.



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